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Refresh Yourself with Blue Gin

An olfactory delight around a theme dear to Mizensir Master Perfumer, Alberto Morillas: freshness. A fragrance inspired by ingredients used in spirits, Blue Gin’s heart notes of juniper and blackberries create a beautiful balance and contrast when blended with the spicy notes of Sichuan pepper and bitter notes of mandarin. Blue Gin is a play on the senses, evoking the supple texture of your favorite cotton denim and the freshness of ice cubes before the gin ignites the palate.
 With the heat of summer ahead, we’ve asked Alberto to share his favorite refreshing gin and tonic recipe that channels the unique blend of notes found in this newest fragrance from Mizensir below.

Alberto's Blue Gin and Tonic

3oz. Empress Blue Gin

4oz. Preferred Tonic

Dash Cardamom Bitters

Dried Orange Slice Garnish

Spritz yourself with Mizensir's Blue Gin fragrance to set your aromatic environment. Fill a highball glass with ice and add 3oz. of Empress Blue Gin (or your favorite gin.) Top with preferred tonic, and add a dash of cardamom bitters and dried orange slice to garnish.

Complimentary samples of Blue Gin are now available in our New York City Boutique, while supplies last.

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