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Introducing: Anticonformiste

Introducing the newest fragrance from Mizensir, Anticonformiste. 

Anticonformiste is a tribute to New York, a city that is dear to the heart of Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas. It is a modern and urban fragrance that can be worn from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed; it evokes the unique atmosphere of the city that’s always in motion.



From the first spritz, the liveliness of mint and Sichuan pepper blends with the surprising pairing of Calone® (marine accord) and violet leaf. A floral touch of chic gardenia adds nuance -- a luminous, fresh, mineral accord forms the backbone of the fragrance. The scent blends out into a vibrant woody base, with the sensuality of patchouli and comfort of tonka bean. Anticonformiste conjures the exhilarating feeling of absolute freedom; the moment one realizes that, in New York, everything is possible.


For the scent’s packaging, Alberto wanted to break away from the usual conventions. There was a desire for this emotion and energy to be reflected on the bottle which can be read both during the day and at night thanks to fluorescent ink. The unique packaging is also a nod to the effervescence of New York City, which is constantly lit up and alive like the billboards in Times Square or the illuminated signs of the jazz clubs that lulled Alberto Morillas' imagination and visits to the city.The printing is made by Swiss printer Lorenz Boegli, internationally renowned as an innovative screen-printing artist.


“For this homage to New York, I was inspired by the energy and feeling of freedom you feel there, especially when you're creating. To illustrate this, I started with the city's light, which is intense and almost white as it reflects off buildings and carries into the flash of neon lights. 

This play of light is represented in the packaging design, with a contrast of pure white against fluorescent green net... For the fragrance, I translated this using calone, the same note I put into Aqua Di Giò by Armani, and CK One by Calvin Klein. This time, I’ve paired it with the floral duo of gardenia and violet leaf, an expression of simplicity and freshness. This use of calone goes against the usual codes. And this is precisely what I tend to do in my perfumery: free myself from all conformity.”


-Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas


Fragrance Notes:

Top: Mint essence, Violet leaf essence

Heart: SFE Sichuan pepper essence, Gardenia accord, Calone® (marine accord)

Base: Tonka bean absolute, Patchouli fraction


Anticonformiste is available exclusively in North America on and in our New York City boutique. Learn more about this fragrance here.

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